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Dream TheaterThe Crimson Sunrise412
Dream TheaterThe Spirit Carries On817
Dream TheaterThese Walls1484
Dream TheaterThis Dying Soul753
Dream TheaterVacant720
dredgCatch Without Arms525
dredgOde to the Sun467
Drew Sidora’Til the Dawn110
Dropkick Murphys(F)lannigan's Ball559
Dropkick MurphysAmazing Grace412
Dropkick MurphysBarroom Hero350
Dropkick MurphysBlood66
Dropkick MurphysBuried Alive535
Dropkick MurphysCaptain Kelly's Kitchen13
Dropkick MurphysCaught in a Jar395
Dropkick MurphysDirty Glass488
Dropkick MurphysFamous for Nothing581
Dropkick MurphysFields of Athenry606
Dropkick MurphysFor Boston668
Dropkick MurphysGod Willing595
Dropkick MurphysGoing Out in Style621
Dropkick MurphysGood Rats445
Dropkick MurphysHang ’em High1470
Dropkick MurphysI’m Shipping Up to Boston1815
Dropkick MurphysJimmy Collins’ Wake1391
Dropkick MurphysJohnny, I Hardly Knew Ya700
Dropkick MurphysKiss Me, I’m Shitfaced1533
Dropkick MurphysOut on the Town477
Dropkick MurphysPrisoner’s Song82
Dropkick MurphysRocky Road to Dublin685

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