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Stone Temple PilotsSin100
Stone Temple PilotsSour Girl724
Stone Temple PilotsTrippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart861
Stone Temple PilotsTumble in the Rough416
Stone Temple PilotsVasoline456
Stone Temple PilotsWhere the River Goes112
Stone Temple PilotsWicked Garden725
Story of the YearAnd The Hero Will Drown583
Story of the YearThe Antidote546
Story of the YearUntil the Day I Die592
Story of the YearWake Up523
Story of the YearWe Don't Care Anymore378
Strange TalkCast Away23
Stray CatsDouble Talkin’ Baby638
Stray CatsJeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie483
Stray CatsMy One Desire457
Stray CatsRock This Town571
Stray CatsRumble in Brighton460
Stray CatsStorm the Embassy420
Stray CatsStray Cat Strut806
Stray CatsToo Hip, Gotta Go421
Streetlight ManifestoA Moment of Silence542
Streetlight ManifestoPoint-Counterpoint587
StromkernStand Up10
StromkernStand Up (extended mix)13
Styles of BeyondNine Thou (Superstars remix)437
StyxBlue Collar Man (Long Nights)480

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