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Avenged SevenfoldAfterlife4261
Avenged SevenfoldNightmare3887
Avenged SevenfoldSo Far Away2695
Avenged SevenfoldThis Means War2550
Avenged SevenfoldBat Country2198
Avenged SevenfoldBuried Alive2066
Avenged SevenfoldBeast and the Harlot1700
Avenged SevenfoldHail to the King1534
Avenged SevenfoldUnholy Confessions1519
Avenged SevenfoldA Little Piece of Heaven1514
Avenged SevenfoldSecond Heartbeat1372
Avenged SevenfoldShepherd of Fire1320
Avenged SevenfoldWelcome to the Family1259
Avenged SevenfoldSeize the Day1256
Avenged SevenfoldScream1205
Avenged SevenfoldGunslinger1202
Avenged SevenfoldDear God1135
Avenged SevenfoldAlmost Easy1109
Avenged SevenfoldCarry On1092
Avenged SevenfoldBrompton Cocktail1084
Avenged SevenfoldGod Hates Us1065
Avenged SevenfoldLost1030
Avenged SevenfoldTo End the Rapture (Heavy Metal version)1018
Avenged SevenfoldUnbound (The Wild Ride)909
Avenged SevenfoldStrength of the World820
Avenged SevenfoldBlinded in Chains815
Avenged SevenfoldThe Stage521
Avenged SevenfoldGod Damn361
Avenged SevenfoldPlanets348
Avenged SevenfoldMad Hatter178