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MinutemenThis Ain’t No Picnic278
MinutemenIt’s Expected I’m Gone233
MinutemenJesus and Tequila210
MinutemenAnxious Mo‐Fo207
MinutemenViet Nam197
MinutemenPolitical Song for Michael Jackson to Sing193
MinutemenTheatre Is the Life of You192
MinutemenThe Glory of Man189
MinutemenDo You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth?182
MinutemenOne Reporter’s Opinion181
MinutemenBob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs179
MinutemenHistory Lesson, Part II173
Minutemen#1 Hit Song165
MinutemenShit From an Old Notebook163
MinutemenGod Bows to Math162
MinutemenWest Germany160
MinutemenJune 16th156
MinutemenI Felt Like a Gringo152
MinutemenMaybe Partying Will Help146
MinutemenMutiny in Jonestown142