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Rise AgainstMake It Stop (September’s Children)3355
Rise AgainstSwing Life Away2068
Rise AgainstI Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore1965
Rise AgainstSavior1611
Rise AgainstPrayer of the Refugee1385
Rise AgainstSatellite1236
Rise AgainstGive It All1068
Rise AgainstRe-Education (Through Labor)1034
Rise AgainstHero of War1011
Rise AgainstHelp Is on the Way1004
Rise AgainstWait for Me906
Rise AgainstPaper Wings802
Rise AgainstKotov Syndrome738
Rise AgainstCollapse (Post-Amerika)726
Rise AgainstLong Forgotten Sons700
Rise AgainstDrones662
Rise AgainstUnder the Knife631
Rise AgainstInjection628
Rise AgainstChamber the Cartridge560
Rise AgainstThe Violence439
Rise AgainstThe Dirt Whispered391
Rise AgainstHouse on Fire372
Rise AgainstArchitects275
Rise AgainstAudience of One226
Rise AgainstEntertainment225
Rise AgainstWhereabouts Unknown220
Rise AgainstFrom Heads Unworthy219
Rise AgainstThe Strength to Go On213
Rise AgainstHairline Fracture209